Taking Advantage of the Current Immigration Policies.

     Although it would be untenable to predict what President-Elect Donald Trump’s actions will be until he announces a firm and succinct plan, we do know for certain that (i) legal immigrants without any criminal records, who maintain their legal status are at the lowest risk of being impacted by future reforms; and (ii) the President-Elect can undo Executive Action; putting policies such as DACA and DAPA at risk.

     However, it is likely the government will allow individuals who have at least started the immigration process to be grandfathered-in; honoring the immigration policies in place at the time the individual started the process to citizenship, even if there is significant immigration reform in the interim.

     As such, although no immigration policies will be changing by the end of 2016, individuals are urged to take advantage of the benefits and policies currently in effect, before things change.