2015 FBARs Due by June 30th.

       2015 FBAR's are due tomorrow, June 30, 2016. You must file an FBAR if you are a United States "person" (this includes residents in the United States on a visa), you had signatory authority, or financial interest over any financial account, and the total of such foreign accounts exceeded $10,000.00, if even for a day, in a given year. Late filings can result in penalties, in addition to other onerous obligations that would be necessary to become current with your FBAR filings. Moreover, civil penalties for failing to voluntarily submit FBAR filings can result in at least $10,000.00 in penalties for each undisclosed foreign account. Every effort should be made to timely submit your 2015 FBAR filings by tomorrow, June 30, 2016 to avoid any penalties and/or negative ramification.