DUI's and Visa Revocations.

The Department of State (DOS) has confirmed that the Foreign Affairs Manual (FAM) has been updated to now provide U.S. Consular posts with the authority to revoke visas based on driving under the influence arrests (DUI's). The visa office has now introduced the requirement for consular posts to conduct prudential nonimmigrant visa revocations for DUI arrests. This is a marked change from the prior policy of simply requiring a visa applicant with a prior DUI conviction to provide a report from a panel of physicians. The DOS has expressed that they take DUI arrests very seriously; considering that these crimes cause public safety concerns, in addition to serving as potential grounds for visa ineligibility. This new policy has allowed consular posts to revoke nonimmigrant visas and thereby require applicants to present themselves once again before the consular officers sooner than under previous practice, where this would not happen until subsequent to visa expiration.